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Electric EV & PHEV

Driver Training for Electric and Hybrid Cars and Vans Be safe and efficient! Just £50 per driver!!! We combine product training to ensure drivers feel confident with the operation and charging of their vehicles, with ecodriving training to help them maximize efficiency and range. Training in electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) lasts a minimum […]

Reduce your business costs with an eco-driving course

Reduce your business costs with an eco-driving course Ecodriving is energy-efficient driving and for businesses that have a large fleet of vehicles investing in driver training can reduce not only fuel bills by up to 10% per week but also reduces the cost of wear and tear on vehicles. It takes just under one hour […]

Eco Driving

Eco Driver Training Saving Fuel + PLUS + Excellent Performance At Priority Driver we provide “approved eco driving training”. It’s about physics, mechanics and most importantly giving a 17% boost to your mpg while producing excellent performance, not  driving like a snail or saving the whales (though that’s a bonus). The techniques can be taught in 60 mins, which in terms of […]

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