Onsite Drug Testing

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We have teamed up with a strategic partner to provide on site drug testing.

Random drug testing for current employees or when recruiting new employees, we can insure your staff are fit to drive and not putting themselves or members of the public at risk during workplace activities.

The impact of drugs & alcohol in the workplace can be significant and ensuring you have an appropriate policy and procedure in place to safeguard both your business and employees is important.

Features and benefits of drug & alcohol screening services include:

  • Development of drug & alcohol policy
  • Screening in accordance with your drug & alcohol policy, for example:
    • Random unannounced testing
    • Regular screening
    • Testing for cause
  • Tests are non-invasive and involves taking samples of oral fluid, urine or hair
  • Analysis of non-negative results by UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Deter employee drug & alcohol abuse in the workplace
  • Promote a positive health & wellbeing message throughout your organisation

Rates available on request, please contact us for more details.

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