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An Insight into our Approach

Behind the Scenes

Priority Driver provides a new approach to learning and assessment, ensuring you are work-legal while receiving significant savings in fuel, insurance and working hours.

Our founder and director, Adrian Baldry, holds an outstanding set of qualifications:

Adrian Baldry, Priority Driver Training

  • DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer
  • DVSA Approved Driving Instructor
  • RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Gold Certified Advanced Driver
  • Energy Saving Trust Approved Eco-Driving Trainer
  • SAFED trainer (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) for vans
  • Awarded the highest possible grade from DVSA
  • 24 years+ experience in driver training industry
  • 10  years + of experience in assessing qualified drivers and coaching them in driver development
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation’s driver training unit courses
  • Cranfield University studies in focusing on cognitive psychology and managing human factors in driving.

Priority Driver Training finds professional drivers respond better to trainers who have live practical experience.

As a result all our driver coaches are DVSA fleet driver trained with comprehensive practical experience.

Business and Fleet Driver Training for companies with more than 5 employees are required by law to have H&S audit records in place. We identify drivers with high risk elements to their driving and ensure best practice. Working alongside your current Health and Safety policies to develop a driver handbook. Incorporating a daily vehicle pre-drive check list to ensure your drivers are aware of their responsibilities and providing reassurance should an investigation occur. An H&S audit record in place is the legal requirement for 5+ employees, however we highly recommend it for all businesses, regardless of size due to the legal implications of negligence.

Driving well provides a safer alternative for you and your employees plus considerable savings to your business. Is it time to take that next step? Call 07770936682 to book your appointment today!

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