Fleet Driver Training In Depth

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Priority Driver Training Fleet Driver Course

During the course, the assessor will be with the driver, observing and correcting them. The session will start by observing the walk-round checks.  Making sure all necessary checks are done and will ensure the driver knows what to do if a fault were to be there. He will then proceed to the live drive with the driver, observing all aspects of their driving, these include:

  • Control of the accelerator, gears, footbrake, handbrake, steering and the clutch
  • Moving away and stopping
  • Reversing
  • Use of mirrors
  • Awareness for vulnerable road users
  • Signalling
  • Response to road marking, signs, and other road users
  • Use of appropriate speed
  • Ability at junctions and roundabouts
  • Judgement and positioning
  • Economy driver behaviour

During the live drive, the assessor will be marking the driver on all of the above, depending on the seriousness of the issue. Priority Driver Training will then create a detailed report based on the assessor feedback, which will include any issues the driver has had corrected, and also any further training requirements that the assessor feels would benefit the driver.

Priority Driver Training offers a choice of training on-site or off-site at a venue local to you.

The Priority Driver Training difference is that we believe fleet driver training should not just be a matter of compliance but also deliver profit improvement for your business. As standard, we provide a full set of compliance checks, driving efficiency measurement, and reputation building on road behaviours. Typically, drivers will learn behaviour that, if maintained, will save more than 15% on post training fuel bills.


The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has stated that it is actively looking for test cases for corporate manslaughter against directors of companies who have employee drivers that have caused death on British roads and have not been risk assessed or received proper instruction. The gains far outweigh the costs of taking these simple measures.

Price Guide:

1 to 1     3.5 hours             £170
1 to 2     7.0 hours             £340

The one trainer with 2 drivers can be arranged as a whole day with both or two half day sessions depending on availability to suit a company’s requirements.

Before the session, we run a number of checks, including a licence check using the DVLA online checking service and a vehicle check to ensure the driver has the necessary certification and the vehicle is in the required condition to drive.

During the session we assess the driver’s ability, before correcting any serious concerns we may have and then moving onto the advanced techniques, designed to save you money through fuel efficiency and forward planning. We also ensure drivers are aware of safe techniques for avoiding fatigue and slow speed collisions, both of which are major causes of accidents and act as large costs to companies annually.

At the conclusion a full written  report will be completed by the trainer, these will be checked and emailed within 48 hours, helping you comply with your road risk management and staff training records.

To receive a full specification of the session, please call us on 01449 616711 or visit our Contact Us page.

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