Road Risk Presentations/ Workshops

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Road Risk Presentations/ Workshops

A cost effective way to bring your team up to date, with a tailored 2-3hr course on road risk management.

These workshops cover all aspects of road risk management to ensure your drivers are aware of the risks,

In group discussion we cover driver behavior and attitude, distracted driving, drug and alcohol legislation.

We can educate your drivers in avoiding driving when tired and personal well being.

Vehicle safety and reducing collision damage can all be included in a half day session.

Do you have a mobile phone policy that all drivers are aware of, do they understand current laws? don’t assume the all keep up to date, these session are designed to keep drivers informed and current.

Speed is the major cause of serious collisions, speed awareness will ensure your drivers appreciate how this can put themselves at risk and other road users.

Do they all understand the speed limits? both for the type of road and the vehicle they are driving.

We can work closely with clients to ensure any particular issues relating to your industry are incorporated into the training.

We can present at your own location or nearby venue, for up to 20 delegates on each half day course.

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