Electric EV & PHEV

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Driver Training for Electric and Hybrid Cars and Vans

Be safe and efficient!

Just £50 per driver!!!

We combine product training to ensure drivers feel confident with the operation and charging of their vehicles, with ecodriving training to help them maximize efficiency and range.

Training in electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) lasts a minimum of 1.5 hours per driver. There is no maximum duration. Longer duration training may use the extra time to include additional content e.g. aspects of safety training.

A maximum of 4 drivers per day

Training includes an introduction to the vehicle’s controls, modes and displays. Plus, if applicable, how to vary the level of regenerative braking and an explanation of any eco or energy-saving modes such as those that limit acceleration, top speed, or use of ancillary power. For PHEVs, the discussion of modes includes an explanation of when the vehicle uses only electric, only ICE, or hybrid power, and the fact that financial and environmental benefits will only be achieved when PHEVs are regularly plugged in.

We look at how to charge the vehicle, with a practical demonstration and discussion of different charging options if possible.

Each driver must drive two circuits of an identical route on public roads, the first in his normal driving style and the second whilst being coached and adopting ecodriving or range-extending driving techniques.

Discussion and two-way feedback is an integral part of the training, so the training includes feedback sessions after each drive with the vehicle stationary. Introducing the core EV & PHEV range extending techniques of greater anticipation; maximising the use of regenerative braking; and avoiding excessive speed.

To find out more and book your training please call:  07770 936682.

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