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Driver Coaching vs Driver Training

A Brand New Approach

If your employee is driving their own or a company car to a networking group, meeting with a client or even to pick up coffees for the team and they have an accident, liability in court could fall to you. You can't control every aspect, but you can let us help you to ensure all aspects from paperwork and expected training are there. Worth watching the video at the bottom of the page.
With client after client saving between 10% and 20% on fuel and some even reaching 40% isn't it time you unlock the skills that can bring your monthly fuel bills right down? Calculate your weekly fuel costs and reduce by 20% - the difference is profit. Whether you are a sole trader driving to meetings or a fleet manager the savings are yours to have.
With every accident or bump you avoid, your car insurance comes down. As overall insurance prices increase can you afford not to?
Plus 'With around a third of road traffic collisions involving a person at work, the government-backed Driving for Better Business campaign, has calculated that based on a 10% return on sales, businesses would have to sell £60,000 worth of goods to cover the cost of a £3,000 crash.' ICFM (Institute Of Car Fleet Management). It's time for change!
Whether it's rural roads or congested motorways, knowing how to drive safely in fog, gales and ice makes all the difference to your peace of mind and confidence. With all options available including skid pan training, is it time to take it to the next level?
Are you shaken by a crash? The noise, the sounds and the physical effects can all make getting back behind the wheel difficult. With a calm, positive and logical approach we help you transform your driving style, providing the confidence you deserve. Looking after your drivers health and well-being are important to us.

Once Upon a Time . . .

Step away from memories of driving lessons or long classroom sessions, this is a calm, logical approach that views each driver as unique. We combine practical and theory while out on the road, teaching you what you need to know at a level that works perfectly for you. Then we work with you to set up a correct paper trail and ensure ongoing best practice. Whether you are a sole trader driving to visit clients or MD of a national fleet the difference to your personal and company safety plus savings is exceptional.


Wondering if it is for you? Check out our testimonials below . . . .

“Adrian delivers his instructions in a pleasant, polite, clear and confident manor making it a pleasure to learn from and drive with him. I would not hesitate to recommend his services for any of your driver training requirements.”
R Wishart, Suffolk

“My advanced driving lesson with Adrian was by far the best I have ever had – the combination of theory and practical was superb. I am already feeling the benefit both in terms of advanced hazard perception and eco driving. I would highly recommend.”
G Nunn, Suffolk

“I met Adrian through the Suffolk Chamber and took advantage of an offer for 1 hours driver training.
Adrian was very patient and knowledgeable and above all he taught me how to drive economically, thus enabling me to save money on a day to day basis. I would recommend Adrian to any business that is looking to educate any employees on improving their driving skills and saving money!. Thank you Adrian”
V Billings, Suffolk

“After taking Adrian’s driving course I have reduced the amount of money I spend on petrol. Which in itself is an achievement with the petrol price rises!

We drove in town on an urban road and in the country. After assessing my driving habits he made some suggestions. We then drove round the same course putting these into practice. Amazingly I drove quicker and used less fuel, even though I thought before I took the course I was sceptical . Blooming Marvellous

Even accounting for the increase in fuel prices I have save over £150:00 over the last 6 months compared to last year.

All I will say is give him the opportunity to help you drive better and saved shed loads of dosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
P Johnstone, Suffolk

“Adrian did a fabulous job in making one of our recent Au-pairs safe to drive our kids to school. Within a couple of hours he turned her from a “scary” driver who damaged our car on the first 20 yards to a safe, proficient and reliable driver. We will certainly hire Adrian again!”
Dr. D Frey, Suffolk

“Adrian worked with myself and colleagues in the implementation of “Eco-Driving” techniques in February 2012. Adrian was very knowledgable on the subject, and as a result his coaching delivered noticable results with regards to fuel economy/savings. Adrian was professional at all times and quickly built a good rapport with all candidates.”
A Byford, Suffolk

Time for change: call Priority Training on 01449 616711.

Still wondering if it is right for you? This video by the FTA is worth watching, it focuses on vans but is also true for cars. There are no graphic images, however it demonstrates how your world can change even while you personally are in the office: One Fateful Day.

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