Will you be safe to drive after your flight?

With peak holiday season coming up there are likely to be many people driving on the roads who have just disembarked from a flight. Often return flights arrive in the late evening or early morning and while the drive from the airport to home may only be a couple of hours, many people don’t factor […]

Summer festival season – employers take note!

Summer festival season – employers take note! Those who employ drivers, whether it is a delivery or sales team or employees who must drive to visit clients or suppliers, generally know they have a duty of care under Health and Safety legislation to ensure those drivers are in a fit state to drive. They are […]

Drivers Could Damage Your Business

Drivers Could Damage Your Business A recent discussion on social media highlighted the impressions people gain about a business from the driving habits of their van drivers when out and about. It was started by a mother who highlighted the many times she and her children were put at risk by inconsiderate drivers when they […]

Hands off!

Hands off! From the start of March 2017 new and much stricter penalties have been introduced for driver caught using their mobile phones while driving. They mean that drivers will now receive six points on their licence and a fine starting at £200, both double the previous penalties. The new penalties also mean that new […]

After the holidays

After the holidays Employers can face prosecution if an employee driving on company business does not have the correct driving licence. Under Section 87 (2) of the Road Traffic Act 1988, this covers “encouraging or permitting an employee to drive a vehicle of any class without the correct licence”. The penalties are of three points […]

The day after the party

The day after the party Many companies hold their Christmas parties during the working week but then expect their staff to drive the following day. However, this is a failure of the employer’s duty of care under Health and Safety guidelines if there is a likelihood that the driver has been drinking the night before. […]

Duty of care

Duty of care Does your business employ drivers for its fleet of cars or vans? Perhaps you have employees who use their own cars in work time on company business? In both cases, as an employer you have duties under the Health and Safety Act 1999 to ensure the competence and legality of those who […]

Goodwill to all– Including Delivery Drivers!

Goodwill to all– Including Delivery Drivers! During the period from the Black Friday sales through to Christmas we are likely to see a lot more delivery vans on the roads and not only during the day as companies rush to ensure we all get our orders in time. The stress and impatience levels tend to […]

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