It’s not just alcohol that stays in your system . . .

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It’s not just alcohol that stays in your system . . .

How up to date are you and your team on the new laws involving drugs and driving, including prescriptions?

It’s not just alcohol that stays in your system, drugs can effect your driving for days to come.

What would happen if a member of your team got disqualified? The cost of hiring and training adds up, better to prepare your team so that they meet the law.

We have teamed up with a strategic partner to provide on site drug testing, rates available on request, please contact us for more details.

Many companies are using this service as part of a recruitment process and test during interviews or randomly with existing employees.

Ensure your drivers, plant operators or anyone in your organisation who could put themselves at risk if under the influence of drugs are not left unchecked.

These employees will put your reputation at risk and could lead to management or directors being prosecuted if they have not managed the risk appropriately.

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